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Dr Gallagher Rave Reviews

Dr Gallagher Rave Reviews!

Dr Gallagher Rave Reviews

Dr Gallagher Rave Reviews

Dr Gallagher Rave Reviews

Dr Gallagher Rave Reviews

This is a testimony although I should really be president of Dr. Greg Beten’s fan club. I started to be a patient at West Park Dental in the mid 80s. My usual pattern was to make an appointment, cancel 1-2X and then show up. The care was always good, but I grew up in the time dentistry was sometimes painful and always scary. I had several unusual dental incidents as a young person that left me with a great fear of the dentist. In early ’95 I became patient of Dr. Beten’s. This charming confident young man did not minimize my feelings instead with patience and understanding worked with me. Never was I made to feel embarrasses or ashamed by anyone in his office. I no longer cancel appointments but go regularly. I may not be Dr. Beten’s number one “afraidy cat” patient but I’m sure I make the top list. He, with his kind eyes and beautiful smile is truly a master with medication, always explaining each step he is doing, and has never hurt me. I can state not only is he a wonderful dentist, but truly a “gentle man”
Charlene C.
North Olmsted

Dear Dr. Gallagher.
This isn’t something I would normally do, but I felt compelled to write so that I could thank you and your staff for making my initial visits to Westpark Dental so pleasant.

I really appreciate the courtesy and friendliness that I was treated with by everyone on your staff. You ALL went “above and beyond” in making me feel comfortable and fitting me into your busy schedule on such short notice – all of this for a new patient that you had never met.

I only wish I got such exceptional customer service everywhere I went.

Please, share my comments with your staff, as they deserve the praise. Also, know that you’ve made a client out of me for as long as I’m in the Greater Cleveland area and that I will refer anyone I know of, who is looking for dental services to your office.

Really…thank you!

Richard D.

Dr. Beten,
WOW! I love my new “Smile”! You have made me one happy lady. Your gentle, caring way of working with people is a special gift. I love coming to the dentist’s office! Sounds Crazy-but it’s not any more!

Shirley N.

Dr. Gallagher,

I’m so thankful to M.B. for referring me to you. I loved everything about the visit- from your team, to your office lay-out, and most especially you—except of course for the diagnosis. You made me feel very at ease and I have no fear of coming back to you for cleanings or anything else for that matter.

Nancy. L.

Dear Dr. Gallagher
Thank you so much for seeing me and giving me your professional advice. You and your staff could not have been more corteous, friendly, and professional. I’m indebted to you for your kindness and service. E. and M. told me you were “the best”. Clearly you are! Thank you again.

Dr. Gallagher
Thank you for your kindness and good humor when giving me novacaine. I had heard nightmare stories about what goes on in dental offices, so I was grateful that my experience was so positive. I did not have to wait long and the treatment I received from your dental assistants was very sensitive and kind. I send my heartfelt thanks to you and your staff for taking care of me and my children. You are a great dentist!
Cindy T.
Middleburg Hts

To everyone at West Park Dental,
Before we moved out west I would just like to say what a great experience our family has had from the great staff to the modern technology you are using today. I don’t think I will be able to find such a fun and caring dental office in Arizona. I just wanted to say thank you.
Thomas and Patricia K.
Glendale, Arizona

Dear Dr. Gallagher and staff,
You people certainly are very special. Your way of taking care of your patients is really nice. You all seem to be, as the expression goes, down to earth, casual or to say it another way, very comfortable. Thank you again for helping me. I thank the Lord Jesus for giving me help and you were His way.
God Bless you,
Miriam P.

Dr. Beten and staff,
I would liket o thank everyone for the great experience I recently had at your office. I had to have my first tooth removed since I had my wisdom teeth pulled over 30 years ago. Jennifer was excellent at explaining everything to me and calming me down. I do not remember feeling anything during the whole process. Dr. beten was nice enough to call me at home to check on me, which made me feel comfortable with the overall experience. I just wanted to share my thank with everyone. Your office is truly doing a wonderful job of making my visits to the dentist easier and easier.
Cheryl-Ann M.