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A Cohesive Family Atmosphere Starts with the Doctors

At West Park Dental there are specific steps we take to create and sustain patient loyalty. After operative procedures we call the patient to follow-up and see how they are doing. We try to contact the patient by phone, and if we do not get an answer we leave a message and encourage the patient to call us back. We place a high value on these personal calls because our entire emphasis is on quality patient care.

Another way we build closeness with our patients is by sending out personal notes. If we find out that they are going on vacation, we tell them we hope they have a great time, and we send out birthday greetings. Also, when we have a new patient who has been referred to us by another patient, we send the referring patient a thank you gift for their kindness and support.

The staff and I promote a cohesive atmosphere. I know that in some practices the staff may not be comfortable with one another and patients can sense tension in such an office. In our office, we work hard to maintain a positive, warm atmosphere that starts with the doctors and the staff and emanates to the patients.

Everyone here at West Park Dental is also very good about recognizing the patients and calling them by name. For each patient we keep a little chart note about vacations, family, likes and dislikes. We have a very good sense of who will be visiting us each day—so we have a very good chance of welcoming each patient by name as they arrive and helping them to be comfortable with the treatment they are here to receive. We say hello, offer coffee and water, and try to speak with everyone on a first name basis.

My philosophy is to show respect to my staff and my patients to create a positive atmosphere that makes going to the dentist a pleasant experience.

Dr. Michael E. Gallagher
West Park Dental
Cleveland, OH

New Patients Welcome

Posted 02/04/2019

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