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A Fearful New Patient Had the Courage to Call for an Appointment

Here at West Park Dental we have an overall philosophy that the patient comes first, which sounds simple but it is really something we put into practice. From the minute the patient calls, and as soon as they walk in the door, our attention really is about them. We anticipate meeting the patient’s needs and making their visit go smoothly in every way—including helping them be pain free and comfortable.

Recently a patient called me and she was very nervous about dental treatment. She built up her strength to call several times, and a few times I had to talk her into not hanging up the phone. With a rare cancellation for that day, I was able to bring her in the day she called and I think that greatly facilitated her ability to receive dental care. If she had been required to wait for an appointment, she probably would not have come in for care.

It was very important to me to make sure that I was available when she walked in so that she would have someone familiar to talk with right away. We want to make sure that our patients do not feel like a stranger, and we make sure that everyone introduces themselves to the patients. Taking it a step further, I noticed that Dr. Gallagher went in and introduced himself to her first before she was bibbed or anything clinical happened.

This new patient went from being too fearful to call for an appointment to actually being rather relaxed and very relieved. I had explained to her by phone that Jessica, one of our hygienists, is very kind with patients and this new patient made a point of thanking me for recommending Jessica for her. We were all proud because a new patients who was originally nervous about a dental appointment left here very happy.

Denise Brilla
Treatment Coordinator
West Park Dental
Cleveland, OH

New Patients Welcome

Posted 01/06/2020

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