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Affordable Dental Treatment Possible with Insurance and Financing

Many patients ask questions about the cost of dental treatment and financial options, and here at West Park Dental we have a staff who are experts concerning the options available to patients to help pay for needed dental services. Dental insurance is very different from medical insurance in terms of coverages and limits, and often a patient will not have all the details until they speak with an expert here in the office. We have team members who are fully versed in insurance and who are very good at discussing insurance methods and practices with patients as needed.

Care Credit is a service we offer to our patience, should they choose to finance their payments through that third-party company. Patients who qualify for this service can finance their treatment at a zero percent interest rate for a period of time. This option allows patients to spread out payments over time.

In addition, the doctors are always willing to consider designing a dental treatment plan that will take place in phases. As long as the treatment plan makes sense from a clinical perspective, we can spread out treatment and costs to help make the overall treatment affordable for the patients.

Our first priority is to stabilize the tooth with the problem, and of course to get the patient out of pain they might be experiencing if that is the reason for their visit to our office. Then we are able to plan out remaining procedures in a timeline that is acceptable to the patient. As doctors and business owners we are very happy to discuss various treatment options with our patients, and we understand the costs often need to be carefully considered by the patient before they proceed with treatment.

Dr. Brian Gallagher
West Park Dental
Cleveland, OH

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Posted 06/01/2019

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