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Digital X-Rays Produce Much Less Radiation

X-rays are used for diagnostic purposes, and to protect the patient from oral health problems that could arise—or are currently present—which would not be discovered without the use of this important diagnostic tool.

At West Park Dental we take different kinds of x-rays, including bite wings, panoramic, and full mouth series. Some patients are apprehensive about dental x-rays, and we can assure patients that the x-rays in our practice are safe. We have digital x-rays and we use a lead apron with a thyroid collar at the top to protect any areas of the body that would otherwise be exposed when we take dental x-rays.

The difference between the old-school film x-rays and the new digital x-rays we use exclusively in our dental practice is very significant. Even though the radiation exposure with the digital system is minimal, the clarity, contrast, and the ability to manipulate the image have never been greater. It is amazing to look at some of the old film x-rays that are still in some patients’ charts and then their updated digital x-rays. You can see the difference immediately.

Radiation exists everywhere in the environment. The amount of radiation used in a digital dental x-ray is about the same amount of radiation that a person is exposed to while flying cross-country on a commercial airplane. If you live in a brick building, over the course of a year you are naturally getting the same amount of radiation exposure as you would with a digital dental x-ray.

Dentistry is very different than it was decades ago when many of our patients were children. There is much less risk involved in various materials and procedures. The fact that dental x-rays are completely digital eases the patient’s mind and makes them much more likely to consent to needed x-rays.

Dr. Brian Gallagher
West Park Dental
Cleveland, OH

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Posted 03/14/2022

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