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Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary—Dental Assistant Places Fillings

In addition to being a certified dental assistant, I have expanded function dental auxiliary duties, or EFDA. With that EFDA I am able to place fillings. To become qualified I trained for a year to learn how to place and finish fillings. I learned everything from anatomy to the best way that fillings are bonded to the tooth. Fillings are a great area of interest for me.

Regardless of their age, if a patient needs a filling it is likely that after Dr. Brian Gallagher or Dr. Michael Gallagher do the tooth preparation that I will actually do the filling procedure. I perform this service for children and adults of all ages.

Materials for fillings have changed tremendously over the years that I have been in the dental profession. Dr. Gallagher is very good about giving me the latest journal articles and asking my opinion about something we are reading about in the professional literature. This practice keeps up with scientific advances. When we find a product that has worked well, we bring it into the office and use it. We consistently incorporate new materials—patients can be assured that we are on the leading edge of dental treatment.

These days tooth-colored fillings look completely natural and are tremendously durable, including handling temperature changes well. These types of fillings have become the standard of care at West Park Dental. We only do tooth-colored fillings here in our practice; we no longer use old-fashioned amalgam or silver fillings.

I recommend that patients have cavities filled while they are still small so the tooth can have a good prognosis and the patient can save money. We tell our patients that with proper care modern dental fillings can last for many years—even a lifetime.

Lori Jamiol, Certified Dental Assistant
West Park Dental
Cleveland, OH

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Posted 01/28/2019

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