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Sterilization is a High Priority at West Park Dental in Cleveland

At West Park Dental we have several systems in place in terms of protocols for ensuring proper levels of sterilization. We take patient safety very seriously here. As part of our protocol, we have a sterilization area that has a clean side and a dirty side. We also perform weekly spore testing to make sure that our sterilizers are working as they should to ensure then when we use them after each patient everything is sterilized completely and properly.

The test is a strip with spores on it, which is put inside the sterilizer machine and then we run the machine on the normal cycle. By running it as we would daily and seeing the results on the test strip we can tell if the machine is properly sterilizing instruments. We actually send the strip out to a third-party company that tests the machines: if something were wrong with our machine they would call us immediately and we would know not to use the machine until it is serviced and back up to protocol standards.

In my 17 years here at this practice there was only once when that happened—we have an excellent sterilization protocol and maintenance system. Everyone here practices universal infection control and sterilization protocols and we know how to clean a room or an operatory properly, which is done the same way every time.

In universal protocols you start on one side and you work your way to the other side so that you know you did not miss anything. We clean every surface even if the doctor has not touched it. We use disposables whenever possible, such as suction tips, air/water tips, bibs, gloves, cotton rolls, etc. These items are used and disposed while dental instruments are of course reused and sterilized after each patient. All of our patients should have a great deal of confidence in our protocols and be very comfortable being in our care.

Lori Jamiol, Certified Dental Assistant
West Park Dental
Cleveland, OH

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Posted 02/10/2020

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