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The Doctor Will See You Now—No Long Waits at West Park Dental

New patients who visit our dental office for their very first visit do not have long to wait once they arrive. One reason we can see patients promptly is that the doctors tend to run on time. Another reason is that patients have the option to complete their new patient paperwork prior to arriving at our office.

The patient’s appointment time is theirs alone. We do not overbook our schedule. When a patient arrives here for their appointment there is a spot waiting for them and we are planning our day around their treatment and the other appointments that can fit comfortably into the day’s schedule. As long as we have not had any dental emergencies to address, then we are usually on schedule and the patient will be seen promptly. I think respecting the patient’s time makes the entire experience more special for them. It also keeps our office running well and efficiently.

When a patient walks in I stand up and welcome them. If I know that it was not me, but rather one of my coworkers who spoke with the patient to schedule their visit, then I make a point of introducing the two of them. I think it makes a difference in establishing rapport to connect faces with names and voices.

I have been fortunate to work for West Park Dental for about eight years now, so I know most of the patients at this point. We treat our patients the way that we would like to be treated if we were visiting a dental or medical practice; we have a compassionate and family-like atmosphere in this office. We care and it shows through to our patients every day. We try very hard to make sure our patients feel comfortable and appreciated for coming here.

Molly MacBride, Insurance Coordinator
West Park Dental
Cleveland, OH

New Patients Welcome

Posted 06/17/2019

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