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Treatment Coordinator at West Park Dental Takes Care of Insurance and Scheduling

As Treatment Coordinator at West Park Dental in Cleveland, my responsibilities include presenting the treatment plan to the patient and arranging financial options and payment plans for the treatment. I also explain insurance, financing options, and scheduling details to the patients. If we are doing a large or complex treatment plan, a cosmetic treatment case, or a dental implant case, then one of the chairside dental assistants and I are present in the room when the doctor presents the details to the patient. That way I can answer questions about the business end of the plan, including specifics about insurance, financing, etc. as might be needed in that conversation. For the convenience of the patients, conversations about more extensive treatment are usually done in our consultation room, not chairside.

For smaller cases, after the doctor has presented to the patient clinically he will ask me to take over the explanation of the insurance limitations or requirements, the payment options, and actually scheduling the treatment with the patient. I also coordinate with the specialist’s office if a specialist will also be treating the patient as part of the treatment plan.

We often call the specialist to facilitate getting the patient scheduled in their office as soon as possible. We talk with the patient and review with them what they can expect now that we have made the referral, in terms of returning to our office after the specialist has done their part.

When the patient returns to us we have already discussed what to expect so it is not completely new to them and they can feel comfortable having anticipated the part of the treatment plan that will be completed in our office. We aim to have turnaround time as short as possible so the patient can feel a sense of closure as the particular procedures are completed in a timely manner.

Denise Brilla
Treatment Coordinator
West Park Dental
Cleveland, OH

New Patients Welcome

Posted 06/24/2019

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