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Universal Infection Control Procedures Protect Patients

At West Park Dental we have infection control protocols in place that go beyond those required by law. We provide a very safe and hygienic environment for patients and staff alike. Our protocols begin with the way our treatment space is setup in the rooms.

The public has an opportunity to see how bodily fluids can splatter in movies and television shows when a glow-light is used to illuminate a room and spotlight every little place that blood or saliva has landed and not been cleaned up. There are videos about infection control that display this type of event as well. It is surprising to see just how far and wide saliva can splatter in those videos. In our practice, we make sure that we maintain a safe environment. We use gloves, wipe down surfaces carefully, and we have an overall strict cleaning regimen.

Sterilizing hand pieces, burs, and anything else that is going into the patient’s mouth takes place after each patient. Patients and staff deserve and should expect this level of sanitation and sterilization in all clinical settings.

We use the term “universal precautions”—these are standard, precautions we take with every patient, every day. Everyone is protected. If a family member or friend were sitting in the dental chair, we would each want everything sterilized—and we treat everyone with that kind of attention to detail with universal precautions in place.

Our patient spaces are as clean as possible so everyone can feel they are in a sterile and completely safe environment while having their treatments performed. Our patients are very relaxed in our office with the physical environment we provide, not only in terms of the wonderful view and relaxing conversation we have with them, but in terms of impeccable cleanliness.

Dr. Brian Gallagher
West Park Dental
Cleveland, OH

New Patients Welcome

Posted 10/21/2019

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