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West Park Dental in Cleveland Offers Fast Smile Makeovers

Veneers are a wonderful product we can offer patients here at West Park Dental, and there are certain circumstances that make them a wise choice versus putting a crown on a tooth. An example is a patient I have who has what we call “tetracycline staining.” At some point in her life she took the antibiotic tetracycline and it ended up in the enamel of her teeth—so her teeth had a greyish/brownish hue to them. It was understandable that the patient was not happy with her smile. That type of enamel cannot be bleached with any success, so the only solution was to do the veneers.

Even with the tetracycline staining, the patient’s teeth were healthy—they were structurally sound and in good condition. They did not require any other treatment prior to placing the veneers.

The process of placing veneers requires very little prep work on the underlying teeth. I take an impression of the teeth and the veneers are produced to fit the patient’s teeth very precisely. The veneers are bonded directly onto the teeth which gives the illusion that the teeth are white and straight. In this case the patient was extremely pleased with the result.

In other cases the patient’s teeth are broken down, containing fillings or perhaps even having fractures. In such situations, veneers are not a feasible option and we have to use a full coverage crown in order to provide the proper strength for the tooth and the esthetics we need to achieve to give the patient a great smile.

The esthetic zone—the front of the mouth—is a great place for veneers. New smiles can be produced almost instantly with veneers. When the patient is healthy and has a good bite, with balanced chewing on their back teeth, the conditions are ideal to give the patient a smile makeover with veneers. With proper care veneers can last a patient 30 years--a great investment in self-care for the patient.

Dr. Michael E. Gallagher
West Park Dental
Cleveland, OH

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Posted 02/01/2021

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