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Whiter Teeth Achieved with Take Home System

If a patient would like whiter teeth the first thing we do is a thorough dental cleaning. After a cleaning a very good option for the patient is the gel and tray whitening service we offer. Unlike over-the-counter white strips that adhere onto the patient’s teeth and leave gaps between teeth, we offer take home trays based on custom impressions of the patient’s teeth.

The trays precisely and tightly fit the patient’s dentition because they are based on a mold of the patient’s teeth. The trays are used with a whitening gel that the patient applies themselves at home and wears for fifteen minutes at a time. It takes just a couple of weeks to work, with very good results.

Though there are systems that can be applied in the dental office, in our experience we were seeing too much patient sensitivity after those treatments. The custom made whitening trays are the best treatment in terms of patient compliance—meaning they adhere to the protocol so the whitening system works.

Before and after whitening procedures we take photos of the teeth, and I am always impressed by the results. Often the patient is so pleased with the results that they look at the original photos and do not believe the way their teeth used to look.

The whitening tray system we provide is a “whitening for life” program, which patients appreciate very much. If the patient participates in the whitening for life program, then every six months they visit the office and receive new tubes of whitening gel. If the trays breakdown over time, then replacement trays—precisely custom made to snugly fit their dentition—are provided for the life of the program.

The gel that we offer is stronger than over-the-counter products. When we supervise the process and the patient uses the system as directed, we achieve outstanding results that the patient can touch up from time to time at no additional cost.

Dr. Brian Gallagher
West Park Dental
Cleveland, OH

New Patients Welcome

Posted 07/15/2019

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